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New Moodle Upgrades in the Horizon

Your Route to Moodle 2.0

Posted by Joel Kerr on 18 Nov

Moodle 2.0 is here – it is time to give your upgrade strategy some serious thought!…


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The First All Digital Science Textbook...Wow!!


Science textbooks are born as clunky, out-of-date tomes the moment they roll

off the printing press. Research simply moves too fast for the

publishing industry to keep up. Digital texts could end this…


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The Little Formula that Could

Create your own video slideshow at

This August I had the privilege of working with approximately 25 other educators for 2 weeks in Traverse City creating Understanding by…


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Should students be allowed to create content for their class?

Josh and Matt have been creating video content for their World History B class

As a teacher, I feel I know exactly what my students should be learning and how…


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What a phenomenal way to share your work with your class!!!

This week, my students have been working on traditional class project. This time, however, there was a major twist. Students used to create interactive posters. Glogster offers a platform where students can create Posters in a…


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Hybrid Classroom Invites Korean Teachers to Join and Share!!!

I am so psyched to have the Hybrid Classroom mentioned on the Microsoft Partners in Learning Korea website. This is an short intro and invite for Microsoft Innovative Korean Teachers to come check us out. I really…


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Learning to be a Hybrid Student

One of the biggest mistakes I made while learning to teach with online resources is to assume that my students knew how to navigate the internet, thus most websites and basically understood what was required of them in this platform....WRONG!!

The truth is that while most "natives" can…


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Creating an Interactive eNotebook for your Home Bound Student

I have always felt that Home Bound students always get really diluted version of the courses they are taking in school. It is always very difficult for me to pay enough attention to these students. In my school, a Home Bound… Continue

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The Internet Tech Tools Rubric I Use

It is very difficult to choose what Internet tools to include in they Hybrid Classroom. I struggled for years and tried all sorts of stuff. Many of the tools were very cool but did not really help my students. Most were simply too complicated and/or irrelevant to my students.

So I reduced the number of internet tech tools and created this short rubric to help me keep my head when looking for new layers for my Hybrid Classroom:

  • Technology…

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You gotta start somewhere....

I started this network this week in the hopes of getting some help and guidance on the best practices of running a Hybrid Classroom. I am very excited to have a hybrid classroom and I find new things to add into into it every day.

I recently attended MACUL (MIchigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) and learned many cool ways to jazz up my online portion of my courses.

I hope that you will stay and share your ideas, trials, videos, questions, comments and…

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