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What a phenomenal way to share your work with your class!!!

This week, my students have been working on traditional class project. This time, however, there was a major twist. Students used to create interactive posters. Glogster offers a platform where students can create Posters in a Social Network.

Here are some really cool ways to put a spin in the old class poster project:

  1. No more need for Poster supplies. Many parents do not or cannot provide poster making supplies at home. So many students simply give up on the poster project knowing that they must compete with peers that not only have the coolest project stuff but have parents who help them create phenomenal posters. A digital poster eliminates this disparity because all students have access to the same materials
  2. Posters do not end up lining the trash cans at the end of the term. Instead, these digital posters can be embedded in your class website, email, wiki, blog and be used over and over year after year.
  3. No more nerve racking presentations in front of your class. Students can add video, slide shows, music and tons of other interactives so they can actually record and embed their presentations on their poster!!
  4. Working and Social Networking at the same time. In Glogster, students can see each others posters, comment and rate them. They can also collaborate on their class poster, without having to drive to each others home. Knowing that peers will be viewing their poster in HD detail really increases the quality of student's work.
  5. No more staying after hours to grade posters. In Glogster EDU you can see all the students posters, leave contructive comments as they are working on them, evaluate progress, message students and tons more....from the comfort of your livingroom.

Megan Malusek did a poster on the Bubonic Plague.

There are simply too many other advantages in Glogster to write about in one blog entry!!

Glogster offers an educational version called Glogster EDU. I recommend this option if you want to use Glogster with your class because you can then see and interact all of your student's work in a well laid out dashboard.

Please check out to see tons of examples.

Have you used Glogster? if so how? can you share examples, tips and tricks?

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Comment by Matinga Ragatz on April 20, 2010 at 7:38pm
Thank you Mary. I think your teacher friends and students will really like this. My students are so into glogster that they are not using it to create digital content for the class as well as to publish their photography, poetry etc...It is very much like mySpace except it is educational
Comment by Mary Groom on April 20, 2010 at 6:17pm
Yay Matinga!! I will show this off to my teacher friends, and also my Baker students. Thank you!!!

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