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In school, I always felt really wronged when a homework assignment was
out of 20 points but I only got like 14 question correct....that's a
70%.  Scores like this obviously would make my grades go down!!! My
math teachers never allowed me to resubmit homework....but Why should
practice make one's over all performance go down??

So I decided to do my students a bit of justice and the craziest thing
happened in my classes when I decided to make homework optional.  This
was so totally unexpected! Students do more homework than I would ever
dream of assigning to them.  Why?  cause in my class, homework is
always extra credit!!

What is your take on this phenomenon?

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I like that the homework is optional. I think it's funny how I've actually learned more about history in this one class than in any other class, and i actually get it =)
That's exactly it. The homework is a choice... not a demand. I love that I have the freedom to choose whether or not I need extra help on a section in the book by doing an assignment. If I read the chapter and I understand it, then why would I do a 30 question homework assignment for a grade when it's not necessary? Most teachers are stuck in a rut and they think that if they don’t follow the "norm" then they aren’t teaching right. Who made these rules? Why do most teachers feel obligated to give us homework every night when we just spent six or seven hours learning the material in school?! It really is silly if you ask me.
Although, I understand where some teachers are coming from. If I were a teacher, my greatest fear would to be letting my students go through my class without learning anything. Giving homework may be just a way to give themselves a false sense of confidence that their students are magically learning by filling in some blanks and circling A, B, or C.
And when most teachers check the homework they just check to see if you did it not if you got the answers, then they put the answers up, and when the teachers do give us homework we dont really read the chapters we just skim for the answers, except for math, that you have to find out for yourself


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