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Collaborative Development of Hybrid Lesson for World History and Art Teachers

One of my colleages shared this link
with me this week.  It is a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel.  It is
really amazing since it offers the close up details I couldn't see when
I went there myself.
I thought it would be cool to collaborate with you to write a hybrid
lesson (face2face time with teacher + online exploration time) or
project with World History and/or Art teachers using this fabulous link.

  • I used the screen shot feature on my laptop to take the image of the Sistine Chapel on the tour (above) and I thought that this feature might be included in the lesson/project.
  • We could also use as a digital poster for students to display their work. (digital student work lasts forever and can become part of your course website
    as student made content)
  • Also students could use to make graphically effective collections of the screen shots they take.
  • OMG...etc!!!

  1. What could be the Objective of this lesson/project?
  2. How would the lesson/project be structured?
  3. What would a face to face teacher lead session look like?
  4. What activities could we include in the online exploration portion of this lesson?
  5. How could students demonstrate learning?

Come on, lets play!!!

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