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This video by Lee LeFever really explains the potential of Social Networks.  But how can we realistically harvest this tool to use it effectively in our courses?  Also how can we minimize or even kill the Boogie man Online myth so that children can be allowed to responsibly use this tool for learning?

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How could we get a classroom to function like a Social Network? Is this possible?
In my opinion, it would be very difficult for a classroom to function like a Social Network because technology is such a sensitive thing in school, as you well know. If our school systems were to incorporate more networking ideas into the classrooms, I think the classroom setting would have a lot of potential for further success. But there will always be those students that take advantage of these ideas, and that's what’s halting us from progressing at a faster rate. We are moving in the right direction and I hope to see even more.
I totally agree with you. There would have to be administrator buy in and a commitment to give students a ton of freedoms they currently do not have, in order for school to function like a social network.
I also agree with the fact that many really good ideas are thrown away because a handful of students fail to cooperate, I hope that 21st century schools will eliminate this way of thinking. There are many creative ways to deal with problem students without depriving the 95% that could benefit from a refreshing approach to learning.
Jacob, In you opinion, what a school that function like a social network look like? What aspects of say the Facebook or the MySpace culture would you include in education?
I think if the schools became more like a social network, like Facebook for example, there would be no excuse to not complete your assigned tasks. Technology ceases to amaze me. I learn an infinite amount of information from my computer, iPod, etc. In some ways, technology is like a book that can never be completely read. There are just so many things to learn from this excellent tool.
Also, if all of us students are connected technologically in the classroom like we are at home on Facebook and what not, then we should never have trouble asking questions about school work, finding out what we missed in class, and so much more. This would also greatly benefit the homebound students who want to feel directly connected to their classroom. I could go on forever but that’s all I have for now.


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